100 CUNY Students Attacked by the NYPD during BOT hearing in CUNY Baruch College on the 21st


On Monday 100 students from various CUNY colleges marched from Madison Sq Park to CUNY Baruch College to peacefully protest against tuition hikes. The Board of Trustees scheduled a hearing that day that allowed for students and faculty to speak. This meeting is supposed to be open and public but instead it is very limited. The speaker time is limited to only three minutes, and the meeting is rushed without enough time to discuss all the important issues on the table. When students attempted to peacefully assemble inside of the building’s lobby, more than 50 or so NYPD officers armed with batons beat and forcefully pushed students out of the building.

Fiffteen students were arrested, dozens were injured. CUNY plans to raise tuition by $300 every year for the next five years. Some argue that this increase does not pose a problem because CUNY tuition is still essentially lower than private universities. CUNY should not be compared to a private university. We are the public university system of New York City comprising of 23 institutions of the most diverse student body. CUNY was established to provide higher education to minorities, the working class and immigrants of New York City.

CUNY was once dubbed as the “Free Academy”, although with it’s expansion in 1926 the BOT was added. A group of wealthy individuals that have the authority to control how much money WE students pay every semester. We did not ask for their help in financially coordinating our CUNY colleges. What gives this group of powerful people the right and privilege to control and manage our tuition. It’s our money and our future that these people are controlling and what are we, as CUNY students going to do about it? We need to, STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK.

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Queens College had a Teach-in with several speakers, educating students about the OWS movement.

There was also a protest that circulated around the campus led by students some armed with handmade signs made personally or  by a guerilla artist.

Below is a video of QC protesters protesting from campus to the Brooklyn Bridge